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F*ck the Facts Keep the 2015 Grind Gravy Train Rolling with “Solitude”

Photo Credit: Dave Levitt
Photo Credit: Dave Levitt

Can we talk about what a STOOPID good year we’re having for grind? Napalm Death, Maruta, Cloud Rat, and Dendritic Arbor have all already knocked our teeth in with new albums, Magrudergrind will very likely follow suit soon, and now Fuck the Facts are prepping their second release this year! Why, it’s a cornucopia of grind goodness! An embarrassment of grind riches! It’s griches!!!

So, Fuck the Facts: as MetalSucks previously reported, earlier this year, FtF put out a rad split with Fistfuck, and Desire Will Rot, their new full-length — and first since 2011! — is set for an August 25 release on the band’s own indie label, Noise Salvation. Now the band has released “Solitude,” a track from Desire Will Rot, and yeah I mean it’s okay, if by “okay” you mean “OMG I JUST CAME SO HARD!” Shit. Is. Good.

It also prominently features a very specific style at which Fuck the Facts exceed, and I think said style of riff deserves its own silly name, like Taco Riffs or Elephants Marching Riffs. And so, by the power vested in me by the State of the Metal Blogosphere, I hereby pronounce this style of riff  “Jaws Riffs,” because it sounds like a really massive, scary fuckin’ shark smoothly cutting through the water for right its prey. So: Jaws Riffs.

Stream “Solitude” below. (The Jaws riff, FYI, starts at 2:25.) You can download the song right now if you pre-order a digital copy of Desire Will Rot, which will cost you all of four bucks. You can also pre-order physical copies here.

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