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Into Eternity FINALLY Announce New Album, Their First in Seven Years


Into EternityIt’s been a LONG time since we’ve heard from Canadian progressive/power/melodeath/whatever metallers Into Eternity. Last we got any news at all it was the unfortunate tidings almost two years ago that vocalist Stu Block had officially left the band after doing the whole “recording but not touring” thing for some time. We were quite bummed to see Block leave — his vocals were a huge selling point for the band — but touring (and now full-time) vocalist Amanda Kiernan seemed capable enough of taking his spot, which live videos of the band performing with her confirmed.

So — FINALLY!  — we get news today that Into Eternity will release a new album, their first in seven years. It’s been so long that I’m not sure how many people still care — certainly the band has a loyal following (including us!), but seven years is a loooong break for a band who wasn’t super-popular to begin with and whose appeal was fringe at best — but this is really exciting news for those of us who’ve been waiting patiently for it. The name of the album will be Sirens, it’ll be out this fall, and the band has jumped from Century Media to Kolony Records. Here’s what they have to say about it via official press release:

At long last, we have some good news for you all! Our new album, Sirens, is completely finished and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We’re pleased to announce Into Eternity has inked a new record contract with Kolony Records! Thanks to Mr. Lorenzo Marchello for signing our band. Thank you to Joann, Amanda and the staff at Extreme Management Group for hammering out this new record deal for us. Thank you to our booking agent Rock the Nation U.S.A. for your support.

With these new compositions, fans can expect to go on an epic journey of music and vocal melodies intertwined with aggression. Some of our very best moments and melodies are going to be represented on this new record. We are excited for our friends and fans to hear it.

As long as guitarist Tim Roth is still running the show — which he is — we assume the Into Eternity sound we’ve grown to love will remain intact. We’ll keep you all posted with new music as soon as it becomes available.

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