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Listen to Sonic Praise, Ecstatic Vision’s Trippy Debut (ex-A Life Once Lost)


Ecstatic VisionSir Axl Rosenberg so eloquently sayeth the following about Ecstatic Vision, the new(ish) project led by ex-A Life Once Lost axeman Doug Sabolick:

… whereas A Life Once Lost made you wanna participate in a loss of life, Ecstatic Vision make you wanna stop bathing and go live in a field somewhere with a girl named Moonflower who doesn’t shave her pits or believe in violence or monogamy or taxes.

And damn if the guy ain’t completely correct.

Ecstatic Vision’s vibe is way chilled out, and although it could hardly be called metal (if at all) there’s plenty of sonic heft to latch onto in the way of stoned out, doomy grooves. Metalheads of a certain ilk should really dig it — if you’re a fan of Black Sabbath, for example, which SHOULD BE ALL OF YOU, duh — so any self-respecting metalhead owes it to themself to give the band a shot. And not just if you were a fan of A Life Once Lost, because the similarities there are pretty much nil.

Ecstatic Vision’s debut album Sonic Praise comes out next Tuesday, June 30th, but the entire thing is streaming right now via Spin. Check it out below and order it here.

[via The PRP]

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