Mathieu Vilandré from F*ck the Facts Does Not F*ck Up This Drum Playthrough


Mathieu Vilandré solitute playthruThe new Fuck the Facts full-length is called Desire Will Rot, and that’s certainly an apt title — as we get closer and closer to the album’s August 25 release, the desire to hear it may very well rot fans’ ability to think clearly about anything else. Hey, can you blame ’em? Fuck the Facts are the shit!

Sure to only strengthen this desire: this video of drummer Mathieu Vilandré playing through the recent Desire single, “Solitude.” I’ve seen Fuck the Facts live six or seven times, but always in very small rooms where I couldn’t really get a good view of Vilandré — to be able to watch his fluid-yet-brutal playing up close like this is a real treat.

Check out the video of Vilandré below! You can download “Solitude” right now if you pre-order a digital copy of Desire Will Rot, which will cost you all of four bucks. You can also pre-order physical copies here. Fuck the Facts kick off a North American tour in late August; get dates here.

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