Maryland Deathfest 2016: First Thirty Bands Announced

  • Axl Rosenberg

One of many reasons to love Maryland Deathfest: they do not fuck around with the line-up. By which I mean, not only do they put together a great bill, but they start booking bands a year in advance, and then start announcing bands pretty much as soon as the current year’s fest has concluded.

maryland deathfest 2016 1st 30 bandsAnd so: we know now thirty of the bands that will appear at MDF 2016. Although they’re clearly saving the heaviest of heavy hitters for a later announcement (there are FIFTY additional acts on the bill), there are still a ton of awesome bands already here, making this basically the metal fest equivalent of one of those summer blockbuster teases that gets released a year before the movie even comes out.

Check out the current line-up below, via Metal Underground. Tickets are already on sale, too!!!

Auroch (Canada)
Denouncement Pyre (Australia)
Deströyer 666
Haemorrhage (Spain)
Hail of Bullets (Netherlands)
The Haunted (Sweden)
Jungle Rot
Khold (Norway)
Lord Belial (Sweden)
Malignant Tumour (Czech Republic)
Mitochondrion (Canada)
Nocturnal Graves (Australia)
Phobocosm (Canada)
Putrid Pile
Samael (Switzerland) – “Ceremony of Opposites” set
Saturnalia Temple (Sweden)
Severe Torture (Netherlands)
Sinister (Netherlands)
Svartidauði (Iceland)
Svarttjern (Norway)
Thulcandra (Germany)
Tulus (Norway)
Venom (UK)
Visceral Disgorge
Wormed (Spain)

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