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Unlocking The Truth Get Their Facebook Page Hacked



The story of Unlocking The Truth seemed too good to be true initially–a bunch of African American teenagers playing metal getting a massive record deal–but it seems the band is now dealing with some reality checks. First, they announced they were getting out of their contract with Sony, and now their Facebook page appears to have been hacked.

Metal Insider reports that the band’s Facebook was hacked, and as such featured some questionable posts lately, including the following:

Unlocking The Truth Get Their Facebook Page HackedUnlocking The Truth Get Their Facebook Page Hacked

It gets worse. Go to the band’s page and check out the rest of the posts.

It’s pretty obvious what happened here: someone using the band’s Facebook clicked one wrong link and gave a hacker access to the profile. At least the band can now put themselves on the same level as such rock royalty as Vince Neil and Mastodon.

The thing is, can you blame them? These guys are teenagers. When I was a teenager, I was constantly thinking about things like asses in tight pants and how to put my then-hairless penis into said assess. I clicked so many stupid ads and porn links that I gave my primitive laptop the computer equivalent of gonorrhea. And I didn’t even have a record contract! I was just a teen with an AOL account and a shameful mind.

I’m just lucky that this all occurred before social media, as I would’ve no doubt had my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram commandeered immediately.

Aaanyway, the boys are asking for help in recovering their account. If you know a hacker or are yourself a hacker, give them a hand. Just leave MetalSucks alone, as we’re good upstanding bloggers who would never SEE REAL PEE TEENS OFFER YOU SPECIAL DEALS OF CIALIS.

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