Video: Abbath’s Abbath, Featuring Abbath, Performs for the First Time

  • Axl Rosenberg

abbath first ever live showAbbath’s Abbath, the new band featuring Abbath from Immortal (not to be confused with Abbath from New Brunswick or Abbath of the Connecticut Abbaths), made their live debut a Finland’s Tuska Open Air Metal Festival this past Saturday night. The setlist consisted primarily of Immortal songs and songs by I, the project featuring Abbath (the same Abbath we’ve been discussing) and Abbath drummer King Ov Hell, but they also debuted a new song, “Fenrir Hunts,” which I keep wishing was called “Fenriz Hunts.”fenriz hunts

ANYWAY, as far as I can tell from the below fan-filmed videos, the show was Abbathathtic. So until they come to to play your town, enjoy this shit:


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