Poll: Would You Buy “Adult” Heavy Metal Home Goods Items?


Paul Booth Brands sconcesFriend-of-MetalSucks Jason L. emailed us last week to let us know about Paul Booth Brand, a new venture by the iconic tattoo artist Paul Booth into the world of home goods.

Yup, you read that correctly: Paul Booth makes home goods now. Bed, Bed & Beyond, move over!

But these are no ordinary home goods. They’re items designed with the heavy metal — or, more broadly, alternative culture — aesthetic in mind. The line’s first product, a hand-carved wall sconce, is pretty badass-looking, but at a pricepoint of between $169 and $209 (depending on material) this is not an item that’s marketed at your typical t-shirt and poster crowd: these are items that are made with an older demographic in mind.

That inspired a conversation: is there a market for heavy metal-themed home goods for adults? People that aren’t going to hang up a Cannibal Corpse poster in their living room but still want to show their taste and style off, just in a more modest, grown-up, refined way.

Paul Booth Brand promises to deliver framed art, wallpaper, curtain rod ends, lightswitch covers, cooking utensils and more in the coming months, along with the promise that at least some of these items will be more affordably priced.

So, the question is: is there a market for this stuff? Would you shell out for some metal-looking curtain rod ends or a bone-carved lightswitch cover, for example? Vote below, then chime in in the comments.

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