Here’s Conan O’Brien as The Doof Warrior from Mad Max: Fury Road



Anyone who has seen Mad Max: Fury Road is a fan of the movie’s deformed flame-throwing metal guitarist the Doof Warrior (if you have not seen Fury Road, call in sick, right now, and do so). Played by Australian artist iOTA, who was inspired by Sepultura and Soundgarden while playing the character, he’s a cool testament to the idea that even after the apocalypse, humanity needs the shred of an electric guitar to usher them into battle.

So here’s Conan O’Brien playing the Doof Warrior in the introduction to his Comic-Con show. As you’ll see, though Conan’s massive head is tougher to bandage than that of iOTA, he still makes a good show of wailing and spewing flames from his axe…at least until Immortan Andy Richter overshoots the exit.

Watch the clip below. Extra points for LaBamba drumming in the back.

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