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The Agonist Guitarists Play Through “A Necessary Evil” in New Video


The Agonist Gates of Horn and Ivory ViadeoThe Agonist’s new album Eye of Providence, released earlier this year, really hit a sweet spot for me. As Axl suggested perhaps it’s now been long enough since the original influx of NWOAHM bands that this kind of metal seems almost nostalgic, perhaps it’s that they’ve upped their songwriting game this time around (or new vocalist Vicky Psarakis has injected new life into that process) or maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention to their previous albums. Either way, it’s really fucking good: stream it on Spotify if you haven’t yet. I placed it on my “Best of 2015… So Far” list of albums, after all, which maybe means something to like two people?

Guitar World just premiered a playthrough video of album track “A Necessary Evil” featuring co-guitarists Pascal (Paco) Jobin and Danny Marino. I can’t say I particularly love watching playthrough videos like this since I’m not a guitar player trying to learn the song, but this video shows off just how technical this seemingly un-technical song is (to the untrained ear). And, if nothing else, it’s a good excuse to listen to it again. Jam it below.

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