#107: Hatebeak’s Blake Harrison and Mark Sloan


The MetalSucks PodcastHatebeakBlake Harrison and Mark Sloan, the human portion of the parrot-fronted extreme metal band Hatebeak, guest this week on the podcast. We learn about the collaboration’s history, we find out if they really think metal vocalists are obsolete, and we talk about why this project simultaneously should and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Of course we also grill Blake about whether we’ll have to wait another couple of decades before the new Pig Destroyer album comes out (and if it will be a D00M album).

We take a listener question about streaming services and how bands make money via Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music. Where does the money go? Why do those royalty checks for metal bands barely buy a happy meal let alone pay a mortgage?

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Hatebeak – “God of Empty Nest”
Kataklysm – “Thy Serpents Tongue”

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