Just Announced: Black Sky Fest III, Featuring Pig Destroyer, Skinless, Axeslasher and More!



Before I moved out to Denver, one of the events I was excited to hit up was Black Sky Fest, a huge concert thrown by local metal brewery Black Sky Brewing. Sadly, when I arrived and hit up the brewery, there didn’t appear to be any future festival plans, and I was a disappointed Rhombus.

But yesterday, Black Sky announced its initial line-up for this year’s Black Sky Fest III, and not only is it happening but it’s already fucking amazing. This year’s fest includes the following bands:

  • Pig Destroyer (making their Denver debut)
  • Skinless (making their triumphant return)
  • In The Company Of Serpents
  • Nekrofilth
  • Khemmis
  • And fucking Axeslasher

The brewery’s Facebook page promises that another slew of bands will be announced shortly, but honestly, even if these were the only bands playing this fest would be fucking killer. The latter four bands are all some of Denver’s finest, and the former two are fucking phenomenal live. And it doesn’t hurt that this will be thrown by a brewery with kickass metal-themed beer.

Black Sky Fest III is set to take place Saturday, December 5th. Stay updated with the brewery’s Facebook for further band announcements. If you come out, try and find me wandering around — I’ll be the guy who sucks — and I’ll buy you a beer.

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