Once Human’s “You C*nt” Wants To Cause Controversy, Dies Trying


oncehumanyoucuntThe word “cunt” has become incredibly loaded. Growing up, I always thought it was just a term, albeit a gross and tactless one straight out of Penthouse, for a woman’s private parts, and I know people from the UK just use it to mean ‘asshole’. But I’ve also heard plenty of women say that it’s the female equivalent of the N-bomb. As such, it is not a word that is spoken lightly; its use is automatically meant to cause offense or stoke controversy.

Once Human are trying hard to do the latter. Remember Once Human, featuring former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader? We covered them once before. Anyway, they’ve just released a video for a song titled “You Cunt”, which wants–I think?–to make a statement about how women are treated, or about mental health, or something. Watch it below:

How is a video both cliche and confusing? The evil doctor-killer stuff is straight out of every melodic death metal video for the past fifteen years–but meanwhile, why does the doctor have a file on this woman when he’s actually just a sadist planning to torture her? And the revenge aspect–why do we see all these women this guy has tortured, and then it’s just the one that kills him? It would’ve been so much more effective if she’d  thrown him to all of the women he’d abused, who would then tear him to pieces. You know, like at the end of Maniac.

More importantly, it feels like there’s a statement that wants to be made here about horrors perpetrated against women, and it doesn’t come through, so using a “provacative” title feels silly (frontwoman Lauren Hart’s repeated fingering motions don’t help either). If you’re going to call your song something controversial, it needs to be interesting to make the shit-stirring worthwhile. This is a basic death metal song with a dirty word in the title, and hey, we already have Devourment for that.

Once Human’s The Life I Remember comes out September 4th, so you can listen to it at home and scream “CUNT” to your heart’s content then, I guess.

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