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Tankard Drummer Olaf Zissel Hospitalized After Suspected Stroke



Oh man, what a bummer: it appears Olaf Zissel, drummer for German beer thrashers Tankard (he’s the guy in front with the beer) has been hospitalized after suffering what’s believed to be a stroke. Zissel is undergoing treatment right now, but won’t be able to play Summer Breeze with his band, who’ll be performing with Gerd Lücking of Holy Moses instead.

The band’s statement is as follows:

“We’re shocked and are keeping our fingers crossed for Olaf [so] that he will be released from the hospital soon. We [hope] that he will get well soon and fast. And we want to thank Gerd, who [agreed on] short [notice] to play these shows with us.”

Obviously this blows, and everyone here at the Mansion wishes Zissel a speedy recovery.

But, dude, you know…it might be time to lay off the beer. I know, I know, but look, alcohol is hell of shitty for your brain chemistry, even if it does cure your terminal case of reality. A stroke’s a bad sign, and given that you play in a band whose only lyrical subject other than beer is tequila, well…

Anyway, a toast to Zissel bouncing back quickly and much love and support to his friends, family, and band mates.


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