Okilly Dokilly are the Ned Flanders Metal Band You Never Asked For



Gag metal is flourishing into a full, rich genre these days, and only seems to be getting weirder as time goes on. You’ve got the bird metal band, the Arnold metal band, the drunk goblin metal bandthe Nazi LARPer band. Now, we’ve got a Flanders metal band. Yup, like Ned.


They’re called Okilly Dokilly, and they’re run by a crew of Neds. Head Ned fronts the band, Bled Ned is the drummer. They all rock glasses, mustaches, and green sweaters with pink collared shirts underneath. And they play typical electronica-tinged core music with the occasional Offspring parody throughout (listen to “Nothing At All” to hear what I’m talking about).iron maiden - the neder of the beast

What’s a shame is that their music isn’t great. If you’re going to do a Flanders metal band, I want you to go full-bore insanity.among ned living

I want lyrics about the Leftorium-Hand Path and digging up Maude’s corpse. I want a galloping death metal song about sniping Homers from a clock tower. Why make a gag metal band that tries hard to be a real rock band? Just go full Zimmer’s Hole.

ned doe

Anyway, listen to Okilly Dokilly below, or go to their Bandcamp. It’s not bad, but it’s no “Can I Borrow A Feeling?”

[via Metal Insider]

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