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New Black Tongue Song: Still the Heaviest Thing You’ll Hear Today


Black Tongue - The Unconquerable DarkWhen the band members of Black Tongue aren’t busy falling out of moving tour buses they make some pretty killer metal, so I’m stoked that the band will be releasing a new album called The Unconquerable Dark via Century Media on September 4th.

You can watch the video for the song “In the Wake Ov the Wolf” below [via New Noise], which looks as if it was shot at half-speed then sped up to full speed, giving it that herky-jerky effect. We’ve seen this done in metal videos before, but the technique is especially hilarious here given how slow Black Tongue’s songs typically are. They must’ve been playing at like 2 bpm when they shot this thing, which I’m sure made for plenty of laughs despite their uber-srs metal faces.

The song’s damn good too, brutal as fuck. True, there’s some cliche in the form of deathcore tropes we’ve heard a million times, but Black Tongue do them in such a way that they don’t feel tired at all — just really, really punishing. A+++ would breakdown with again.

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