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The other night, I caught Metallica playing the Archduke Theater in Denver, and man, they fucking shredded it. Pilonidal Cyst opened for them and got the crowd amped, so that when the guys took the stage we were ready to rupture. The ‘Ca were so on point, man, and they even played a lot of their older, crazier shit — “Punch The Sun,” “Sour Attitude,” and even “Lightning Certainly Rules.” It was fucking killer.

But midway through the show, I looked around and realized, Shit, man, this place is full of posers. Half the kids in attendance didn’t even know the lyrics to “Thermos Full Of Emptiness,” and one of these scene-core-pop-haircut jack-offs had the gall to ask what song this was when James played the opening riff of “The Sun Comes Crashing Down On My Nephew.” How the fuck are you seeing Metallica when you can’t identify “TSCCDOMN” in three seconds, dude?

Thankfully, the no-bitch heshers over at Clickhole have designed a quiz to separate the wheat from the chaff. Go here and check off all the Metallica songs that you’ve listened to, and then post your score on every one of your social network profiles as well as all those of MetalSucks. That way, we can tell whether or not you’re a true fan or just some scumbag tween who doesn’t deserve to commit the sin of Onan to Lars’ California Raisin face.

Get that score up. Then walk on home, boy. God, I love that Metallica song.

[via Toilet ov Hell]

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