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40 Below Summer Still Exist, Have a “Mangina”

  • Axl Rosenberg

40-below-summerWhen I think of 40 Below Summer, I think of E-Town Concrete. The reason for my involuntary association? Both are horrible nu-metal bands from Nu-Jersey, and twelve or thirteen years ago, both had supporters who tried very hard to convince me that they weren’t in the same vile league as bands like (hed) p.e. and Grade 8.

Sad to say it (I mean not really, but it’s a good turn of phrase), but I do not think history will be on the side of these supporters.

To wit: “Mangina,” the new — yes, I said “new” — song from 4BS (it cannot possibly be mere coincidence that the initials “BS” appear in this band’s moniker, can it?). That “funny” title just SCREAMS “diarrhea-inducing nu-metal,” and yet the song is somehow even worse than its name would suggest: everything about it, from the songwriting to the production, screams “local band.” It’s almost hard to believe these guys were on Ozzfest once.

You can listen to “Mangina” below if you need a laugh. 4BS will self-release their new album, Transmission Infrared, on October 16.[via The PRP]

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