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Stream in the Snow: Listen to the New Trivium Album in its Entirety


trivium - inexpressive lady with goop on her handKerrang! has debuted the new Trivium album, Inexpressive Lady with Goop on Her Hand, in its entirety. You can listen below. I still haven’t heard the whole thing but I really liked that power ballad they release a little while back so I’m excited to check out the rest of the album. Bonus: David Draiman had nothing to with this. I know I keep hammering that point home, but can you ever really say the words “David Draiman had nothing to with this” enough? When I finally win my Pulitzer for Exception Metal Blogging, that’s going to be the entirety of my acceptance speech: “Thank you. David Draiman had nothing to do with.”

ANYWAY, check out the album, see what you think, then argue/troll/bitch/moan in the comments section. The record comes out for really reals this Friday, October 2.

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