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Fuck Yeah, Mörbid Vomit!



It’s awesome when a metal band does something traditional AND interesting. Often, the term ‘old school’ or ‘classic’ means ‘a lot of overdone bullshit’, and after a minute of blasting to the band to which that term is assigned, the listener just goes to their influences. If anything, these mediocre acts are a good way to remind you to dig up your old favorites.

But Metal Underground introduced me to Finnish death metallers Mörbid Vomit this weekend, and while I’ll admit that it was their name that got me interested, I’m pleased to discover that the band plays really fun, evil death metal. Sure, you can name their influences upon listening to them–we got some Bloodbath, some Necrophobic, some Revolting–but the Vomit are doing enough of their own thing that they’ll appeal to fans of those bands without making them shrug or roll their eyes. If you’re a death metal fan and need something to jump-start your Monday morning, this band is it.

Listen to the track “Blood Shall Be Shed” below, and check out the killer I Breathe Hell EP on Spotify. Mörbid Vomit’s latest, Doctrine of Violence, drops October 23rd on Spinefarm.

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