Abbath Covers That Other Band He Was In



Everyone knows black metal solo artist and hot dog aficionado Abbath as the frontman of kvlt thrashers I, but did you know he was also in a totally necro black metal band as well? They were called…let’s see if I can read this logo right… Immortal, I think, and it turns out they have quite a lot of material out there if you want to look for it!

For instance, below is a video of Abbath and his new band covering one of Immortal’s tracks, “Nebular Ravens Winter” off of Blizzard Beasts, and man, it fucking slays. The band, complete with a forest demon-faced drummer, blast their way through the track with the kind of enthusiasm that suggests they’re extremely familiar with the material. It’s almost like Abbath’s solo work is just a continuation of this killer black metal project that he once fronted. Who knew? Maybe I should get into this, what are they called again, Immortal? It sounds like they might be, I don’t know, the greatest black metal band of all time.

Anyway, no more talking. Check out “Nebular Ravens Winter” below. Abbath’s debut 7″ drops December 11th from Seasons of Mist.

[via Revolver]

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