Get Ready: There’s A Cannibal Corpse Beer Coming Out


The problem with a lot of metal bands who sponsor beer — usually with Indiana’s 3 Floyds — is that they’re not always the most drinkable of ales. The Municipal Waste and Pig Destroyer beers are all right, but I never had them and thought, Mmm, I could pound twelve of those. I need something a little more accessible but still metal as fuck.

Well, we’re all in luck, because it was just announced that 3 Floyds will be releasing a Cannibal Corpse amber, called, oh yeah, Amber Smashed Face Ale.

Corpesgrinder put the following up on his Instagram:

Alex Webster then did likewise:

Check this out! #ambersmashedface #3floyds #cannibalcorpse [email protected] A photo posted by Alex Webster (@alexwebsterbass) on

Is that original artwork by Vincent Locke I see? Is that, like, the Cannibal Corpse pantheon posing for a beer label? Because if so, fuck yeah, man. The 3 Floyds site assures us the beer will “crush your skill and liquify your brain.” We sympathize with their apparent typo.

Anyway, the point is, there’s going to be delicious amber ale themed after the greatest death metal band of all time. If you can think of a better reason not to drive to Indiana and listen to the entire Cannibal Corpse discography while getting drunk, I am sore pressed to hear your ideas.

No release date yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

[via The PRP]

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