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Are Dream Theater Getting Ready to Release a Double Album?


Dream Theater double album homepageAre Dream Theater getting ready to release a double album?

We aren’t sure, but if the email from Dream Theater’s mailing list that just appeared in the MetalSucks Mansion inbox is any indication it certainly seems like it.

That’s a screen cap of the email above; the image leads straight to Dream Theater’s official website, the new splash page for which has the exact same image and the option to sign up for two different mailing lists.

I signed up for both of them, naturally. #dreamtheaterfanboy

The Great Northern Empire and The Ravenskill Rebel Militia? Double album? Concept double-album??? Could it be???

This would be DT’s first album(s) in three years — the longest we’ve had to wait for some time — and their first concept album(s) since 2002’s Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.

More fuel to the speculation fire: we know that Dream Theater are currently (or were as of October 14th) in the recording studio.

Get ready for a dorkalicious and progtastic early 2016.

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