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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Canadian symphonic black metallers Erimha. Many were quick to initially write them off due to their record label’s dwindling metal roster, but MS scribe Alkahest found their 2013 Victory Records release Reign Through Immortality to be a solid, charismatic entry in the genre, even if it didn’t reinvent the wheel:

On the surface, Reign Through Immortality may seem to tread too heavily on these established grounds, with Erihma failing to carve a path of their own in which they can develop their own identity. Whether it be the predictable intro track, the start-stop riffing in ‘Condemned To Desolation,’ or the slower and more melodic ‘Metaphysic Countenance,’ this is a record that can be taken at face value as a solid genre entry. However, Reign Through Immortality is a fast grower that becomes something much more than just passable. On successive listens, Erimha establish themselves as charismatic and well-versed musicians. What was once perceived as well-intentioned mimicry is actually an exhibition of the band’s extensive knowledge on what makes for a stand-out symphonic extreme metal record.

Thesis Ov Warfare, Erimha’s latest, finds them in a completely different sphere than last time around. Gone are the orchestral keyboards and bombastic, in-your-face production of Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth and in their place are a much more traditional deathened black metal sound with stripped down, raw production. The result, at least for me, is much more enjoyable; there was nothing wrong with the Cradle and Dimmu worship on Erimha’s last album, but I find this style to be a much more engaging listen. Erimha are good at it, too; I’m four tracks deep into Thesis Ov Warfare, and not only is it full of some seriously heavy moments but it’s got tons of dynamic. Without being cheesy about it, either.

Listen to Thesis Ov Warfare below via Decibel; it comes out on October 30th and can be ordered at iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play.

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