Unsigned and Unholy: Exoskelett


In their e-mail promo to us, Stockholm’s Exoskelett describe themselves as such: “From the mud, from the dew, from the darkest lakes. This is Exoskelett.” And damn if they don’t follow through on that description. Exoskelett sound like they were just puked out of the primordial stew, all half-formed and raw from birthing, and began playing nasty stripped-down thrash with black metal overtones, all wrapped up in a Motörheadish sense of catchiness. It’s a lot of fun, and scratches that cutthroat itch well if you’ve already listened to enough Midnight and latter-day Darkthrone this week. Their logo is also crab-heavy, no doubt honoring their namesake, so maybe they’ll begin writing songs about Suspiria reborn as a crab, like blackQueen.

The five-piece only has two songs on its Bandcamp, so here’s one of them, titled “Black Dogs, Black Wolves, Black Hounds.” You can also check out their Facebook, but I think these tracks are what we’re working with. Which is totally fine — this is an awesome start. Let’s see where these dudes go from here.

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