Breaking Benjamin Vocalist Really Hates the Star Wars: Battlefront Video Game

  • Phil Boozeman

I cannot remember a single movie that’s had as much hype behind it as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but at the same time none of those other movies were Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As with all hype there is a train, and riding first class is EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, which might very well be the most half-assed and disappointing game since Duke Nukem: Forever. But out of all the people pissed about this game, no one seems to be more pissed than Breaking Benjamin’s own Benjamin Burnley.

Like game companies tend to do, EA tried to pay Burnley for some positive promotion for Battlefront on social media, which he agreed to as long as he liked the game. And in case the headline didn’t give it away, he hated it. Enough to break the game disc AND say he’d rather watch the prequel movies. Those are fighting words if I’ve ever heard them.

In an interview with radio station 94.3 WCYY following the broken disc picture, Burnley, a huge Star Wars fan, goes on a rant where he punches his Xbox One and says the game “sucks shit,” mostly citing spawning issues, overpowered weapons and unrewarding gameplay. But don’t just take my word for it, hear it from Burnley himself:

Although Burnley’s complaints of poor spawning and being shot from behind too often might just sound like the whining of an unseasoned n00b, I’ll vouch for him. The game really is that bad, but it’s more because it has less depth than a Michael Bay movie script compared to any game, let alone its predecessors. On release Battlefront was a shooter with a whopping 11 guns for players to use. You don’t get a secondary weapon unless you use one of your two perk slots to equip it, which means no grenade or no jetpack, and that the Empire and Rebels collectively have not figured out how to put things on utility belts. There are a measly six hero characters to play compared to Battlefront 2’s 21, seven ships to pilot, and 12 maps on only four planets. There is no campaign, no local co-op multiplayer, no space battles, no gun customization and there are no character classes. It’s is a game that Star Wars fans, myself included, waited 10 years and paid $60 for. Instead of a game, we got a turd wearing a shiny stormtrooper helmet.

The money Burnley would have been paid was probably significant. Instead of taking it he did the noble thing, so I salute him from the bottom of my cold, dead heart. The game might be decent with a couple more free DLC packs like the Battle of Jakku, but I’d sooner bet on the New England Patriots not cheating.

So now I leave the final word to you, MetalSucks readers. Is Battlefront really that bad or are Burnley and I just salty? Let us know in the comments.

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