Ted Nugent for Trump, David Draiman for Bernie Sanders!


Whether you think musicians should use their platforms to speak out about politics or you’d prefer they keep their yaps shut and just stick to writing and performing, this much I’m sure we can all agree on: when musicians do choose to make their political views known it makes for some grade-A entertainment, right?

Everyone’s favorite metal conservative nutbag Ted Nugent and the eminently huggable, Israel-can-do-no-wrong, ALL CAPS TYPING DAVID DRAIMAN are both always good for a chuckle when it comes to politics, and today’s no exception.

First, The Nuge. Here’s what he offered on The Donald — surprise! — in a recent Facebook post:

Know it, Donald Trump is the hellraiser America has needed for a very longtime. He & Ted Cruz may be the only hope to end the criminal jihad on America by our own corrupt punkass government, media & bigBiz goons. Are there enough Americans smart enough to end the nightmare? It is up to us, WE THE PEOPLE to make certain everyone in our lives is awakened to their WE THE PEOPLE responsibilities & stop the America hating devil democrats. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Nugent then goes on to re-post an article written by Bill Bennett about some whacky conspiracy theories involving a potential planned assassination of Trump (yes, really), big government, and blah blah blah probably something about guns and hunting but I didn’t get that far. Read it here if you want. Like Trump, I have to think Nugent is exaggerating for effect here… but who the fuck knows?

Meanwhile, the “America-hating devil Democrat” Draiman has gone on record — begrudgingly — as endorsing Bernie Sanders in a post to Facebook that seems as if it’s since been deleted. Here’s the transcription via Blabbermouth:

Well… Since it seems like the majority of the Republican voting base has fallen for Trump’s fear mongering, bigoted, racist, lunacy, and since no other Republican candidate (including mildly delusional Ben Carson) seems to have a chance against him, whether he goes independent or not… and since Hillary is hellspawn incarnate (best friend of the ‪terrorist-supporting Qataris, and just basically Obama part II), I feel that I have no choice (even though I wish he were stronger on Israel, and has plans for a social welfare state that could very well bankrupt our country; I guess I’d rather be financially bankrupt, then morally bankrupt) but to throw my support behind the venerable Bernie Sanders (much to the chagrin of my conservative/Republican friends, I’m sure). I just hope he remembers who he is and where he comes from (a Jew) and that he does whatever he can to protect both the American people and the State of Israel. He’ll need a miracle…but who knows? The world is crazy enough these days that he just might get one.

I usually appreciate Draiman’s politics even if I can’t stand the guy’s music, but jeez, so many things he says here are so far off I don’t even know where to start. I’ll leave that up to you guys in the comments.

What a bunch of crazies we’ve got in the metal community, eh? Thank goodness we have these dudes around for entertainment!

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