Food & Beverage Magazine Officially Renames A Jack and Coke “The Lemmy”


Much has been done to honor Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister since his death late last month. His funeral service was a star-studded affair (watch it here), and a petition to name a new element “Lemmium” had made the rounds.

Now, it’s been announced that Food & Beverage Magazine has officially changed the industry standard call-out drink of Jack Daniels and Coke — Kilmister’s favorite drink — to “The Lemmy.”

F&B published Michael Politz said the following:

“We are honored to represent the industry and bring the moniker The Lemmy to every bar in the world! Owning a rock club with Anthrax’sScott Ian and Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell gave me the chance to meet Lemmy and experience his legend myself.”

Now, let’s be honest, this is a symbolic victory. I doubt the widespread use of this term will catch on. No bartender is going to correct an order of Jack and Coke with, “You mean a Lemmy?” In that respect, I also bet anyone who orders a Lemmy at a bar is then going to have to explain it to the bartender.

That said, as far as symbolic victories go, this one’s pretty fucking endearing. Jack and Cokes will always be the drink that’s synonymous with Kilmister’s life, and to have the industry’s official trade acknowledge him in such a way is sweet. I think the Great Man would have approved.

What’s interesting, as you’ll see in the insert below, is that F&B claim an official Lemmy involves a dash of bitters, and gets shaken and strained into a glass. Has anyone ever seen a bartender shake a Jack and Coke? I worry that would de-fizz it slightly. And bitters? I don’t know. Lemmy never dressed up his music with a lot of nonsense, so why dress up a classic with a mixology routine?

Anyway, go to your local bar and order a Lemmy tonight. If the bartender looks at you all confused, pull this post up on your phone and yell, “It’s the industry standard, ASSHOLE!”*

*MetalSucks not responsible for any injury to your body or pride obtained while you’re thrown out of a bar.



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