Killing Joke’s New Video Won’t Inspire “Euphoria”


Goth music and culture has its perks. You get to pretend you’re a vampire, there are chicks in corsets all over the place, and absinthe is a delicious. But for me, at least, goth needs a little kick to make it really kickass. That’s why I love Beastmilk — their goth has a cool surf/garage vibe to it, and their lyrics are clever.

Sadly, Killing Joke’s new video, “Euphoria”, doesn’t have something that makes it smarter than the average goth. Quite the opposite — both the song and the video feel like someone is marking off a checklist of Goth Requirements. Glittering but melancholy keyboards? Check. Condemnation of blind faith? Check. Vague social message draped in modernist decary? Big check.

But hey, what the fuck do I know. Watch “Euphoria” below and judge for yourself. Killing Joke’s much-praised¬†Pylon is out now on Spinefarm.

[via Metal Underground]

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