Anyone Order a Dave Mustaine Family Reality Show?


Aw, man, and Dave Mustaine was doing so well. The new Megadeth album, Dystopia, dropped last week, and actually turned out to be pretty good. Meanwhile, the first two videos from it were gory and violent and full of awesome 1980s metal art. I was actually beginning to begrudgingly warm up to the guy, thinking, Well, he’s a racist loudmouth, but he does have some metal chops

But that’s all over now, as it’s been announced that Mustaine has shot a pilot for a family reality show.

According to Loudwire, the show will surround the Mustaine family’s recent relocation from LA to Nashville, a move he made in the hopes of giving his country singer daughter Electra a chance at launching her fledgling career as a country singer.

Which I’m not sure is a great idea. On the one hand,  using a reality TV show as a platform off of which to try and launch a country career sounds like a bad idea to me. It undermines the legitimacy of your musical aspirations and instead turns your family into a freakshow. I don’t think Megadeth would have done it back in the day. It really only worked for Ozzy and his family because they already were a freakshow, and he was the kind of guy who liked to snort ants and bite the heads off of small animals. I’ve never once thought, You know what would be just wild? Looking into the life of a bigoted ultra-conservative Christian thrash metal musician.

On the other hand, Electra Mustaine already has shown some bizarre ideas of how to launch a career, so this is just par for the course. And hey, it’s a new world we live in! Kelly Osbourne now has a successful career as being some sort of fashion mutant. So maybe Electra Mustaine could end up the next June Carter once people see her dad trying on embarrassing cowboy hats with silly tuba music in the background.

We’ll see how this potential monstrosity shakes down. If needs be, we’ll watch this pilot so you don’t have to like we did with Rock of Ages, but we’ll probably need double the booze this time around.

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