Magrudergrind Let Their “Black Banner” Fly

  • Axl Rosenberg

Remember what we were just saying about grind bands, usually known for their ferocious speed, being so good at slowing shit down and churning out quality doom and/or sludge? Magrudergrind have previously illustrated this principle before, on their uncharacteristically slow jam “Bridge Burner,” but now they done gone and did it again with their new song, “Black Banner.” Which, truth be told, isn’t even really like “Bridge Burner” — whereas that track was straight-up elephants marching shit, this is much more like a stompy hardcore song. And they incorporated some more traditional grind elements, just to throw you for a loop.

Not throwing you for a loop: the track rips. Like you’d expect anything less from Magrudergrind. Still. There’s a very brief moment at around the 2:35 mark that will get you pregnant. It rips that hard. Wear protection.

Check out “Black Banner” below, courtesy of Invisible Oranges. The track will appear on Magrudergrind’s II, which comes out February 12 on Relapse. Pre-order it here.

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