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Exclusive Album Stream: Krater, Urere



It’s interesting to see how Behemoth have touched the world in terms of occult death metal. For so long, death metal’s demonic side was heavily steeped in Deicide’s horror-tinged declarative love of Satan, more of a pummeling attack of black magic rather than a grander understanding of him. But as time goes on, more and more bands are using death metal as a way to communicate with dark, menacing forces.

One such band using death metal in this way is Germany’s Krater. While brutal and militant, this Saxony-based four-piece have a dark and unusual atmosphere to their music that suggests ancient tomes and old traditions as much as it does hoisting the head of the Nazarene. There’s still plenty of that — don’t be discouraged, this is a Satanic death metal album — but there’s something more to it, a broader grasp on the motivations behind the darkness. It’s compelling and strange while still evil as Hell.

We’re happy to be streaming Krater’s new album, Urere, in full before its release Friday on Eisenwald, the label releasing the new Uada as well. Take a listen below and see from how many sides and angles you can recognize the face of Satan.

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