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Full of Hell Join The Body to “Butcher” Leonard Cohen Cover



Last time we heard a cover by The Body, it was a collaboration with Thou on NIN’s “Terrible Lie” that we weren’t terribly crazy about. Well, the band has now covered Leonard Cohen’s “The Butcher” alongside Full of Hell. You can hear it below.

Once more, the bands have made the song their own, and once again that doesn’t really improve the song. “The Butcher” is a really killer track for the same reason that a lot of Cohen’s songs are — it’s an old-timey song with really menacing, personal, poetic lyrics. And as much as I love The Body and Full of Hell, being able to understand their lyrics isn’t their strong point, and their adherence to the basic structure of the song makes for a really simplistic, typical noise track. So not only is this unrecognizable as the original, it’s also kind of boring, and both of these bands are better than that.

Anyway, here’s “The Butcher” below. The Body and Full of Hell’s collaborative recording, One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, drops March 25th on Neurot Recordings.

[via Metal Hammer]

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