Jungle Rot Release Video They Claim Was Flagged by the Government


Last month, we read on Metal Insider that Jungle Rot’s new video for the track “Doomsday” couldn’t be premiered because it was flagged by the US government. A graphic claimed the government had “appropriated this footage for inciting dissention” (for the record, the word is spelled “dissension”).

When we saw this announcement, we considered posting it, and then thought, “Publicity stunt? Publicity stunt.” Sorry, guys, but no matter how much we like Jungle Rot, and how good the new tracks from their latest record are, there’s zero chance of the government being worried that this band is going to cause riots in the streets.

Well, the band has now released the “Doomsday” video, and while it rules, it’s also entirely what you expect, and definitely not the kind of “dissention”-inciting video that would cause the government to put Jungle Rot on a watch list. No offense to the guys — hey, any metal concert can turn into a riot! — but “Doomsday” is a cool death metal song and video, not a revolution. If anything, your average Jungle Rot fan would get winded mid-riot.

Anyway, watch “Doomsday” below. Jungle Rot’s latest, Order Shall Prevail, is out now on Victory. Make sure to catch the band on the upcoming Metal Alliance tour — they shred live.


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