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Listen: Boyfrndz Announces New Album, New Jam

  • Anso DF

Boyfrndz Impulse

In a different universe, Earth’s trees are pink and purple, cars never get dirty, bad things happen in slo-mo so you have more time to think and act. It’s a strange, intensely mellow place. And in this universe, what normally would be a big, harrowing loud prog-jam band is prettier, shoegazer-ish, concise, and from a nicer part of Texas. That’s Boyfrndz, authors of an awesome 2014 album called Breeder. You may also think of them as the next step from the era of Built To Spill with all the lush, layered guitar epics. Their vibe is kinda oppressive, like the songs are happening really close to your face, and it’s tough to know if you’re being exhorted or harangued; the singer (Scott Martin) is pretty distant. Their guitarist (also Scott Martin) is an optimist, however, and it seems like they’re both fans of Norah Jones, melody-wise. Here’s “Hiatus” (below) from Impulse, the new album Boyfrndz just announced on Monday. Awesome!! Track list at here at Stereogum.

Impulse, the third album by Boyfrndz, is out May 27 via Brutal Panda. Pre-order here and here.

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