Synthwave Sunday: Meteor, Parallel Lives


My first experience with Colombian synthwave artist Meteor was an exercise in brutal honesty, admitting my former love for electronic music and how Meteor’s atmospheric tone taught me to open my heart to it again. Something about the tracks on Manhattan 2019 reignited my passion for ’80s soundtracks and atmospheric keyboards.

Now, Meteor has returned with Parallel Lives, and it’s cool to hear that the album changes things up a bit by broadening the music’s horizons. Sure, there are still the hard-hitting action sequence tracks like “Destroyer” that bring to mind Japanese motorcycles and megacorporations. But it’s brooding, atmospheric numbers like “She Has A Gun” that round out the cinematic experience. You get your police chases with cyberterrorists across neon highways, but you also get cigarette smoke whirling in the blades of light that make it through the blinds.

Listen to Parallel Lives below, and check out Meteor’s Bandcamp here.

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