Katalepsy’s Slams Reach “Critical Black Mass”


Fun fact: “Katalepsy” is Russian for “fecal fetish.”

Okay so that’s not actually true, but I simply cannot think of Katalepsy without thinking of shit. I don’t mean that as an insult: this Russian band specializes in make Montezuma’s Revenge sound awesome. Take, for example, their new single, “Critical Black Mass”: between vocalist Igor Filimontsev’s guttural delivery and the thick, ropey tone of the guitars, the song basically ends up sounding like metal’s answer to what happens to your asshole after enjoying an entire bottle of the hottest hot sauce you can find. This is what it sounds like when your anus is a fire breathing dragon.

Check out “Critical Black Mass” below, courtesy of No Clean Singing:

The song will appear on Katalepsy’s new album, Gravenous Hour, which comes out May 27 on Unique Leader. (No, “gravenous” isn’t a real word, but since everyone looked the other way on Slayer’s Repentless I think we can give Katalepsy a pass. I mean, at least English isn’t Katalepsy’s first language. Slayer have no excuse other than being dum-dums.) Pre-order it here. Peeop the really sweet album art for Gravenous Hour, which was created by W. Smerdulak, below:

Katalepsy - Gravenous Hour

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