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Listen: In Twilight’s Embrace New EP, Fuck Yes

  • Anso DF

In Twilight's Embrace Trembling

You’d forgive a fan of In Twilight’s Embrace for getting out in front of one little issue: The band’s name. It’s not misleading once you’ve experienced their bitter, pillaging death metal, but at first glance a would-be fan might expect something foofy and pleading. Here’s a huge “fuck no” to that perception, and a “fuck maybe” to the idea that for this band that name is less a stumbling block than a play of possum and an impetus to rip. Because that is exactly what In Twilight’s Embrace does. They. Fucking. Rip.

We loved their 2015 album The Grim Muse (“muse”? goddamnit!), so we’re rubbing legs together like a nympho at a dentist convention for their upcoming EP Trembling (ah jeez). For now, ITE holds back the EP’s two original jams, but unveiled for us might as well be an original — so obscure is its origin and so fucking awesome is its impact. “Opowieść Zimowa” (“Winter’s Tale” why!!), explains ITE vocalist Cyprian Łakomy, is the work of a Polish band called Armia. Sure! It. Fucking. Rips.

The new EP by In Twilight’s Embrace titled Trembling is out May 25 via Arachnophobia. Pre-order here.

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