In Twilight’s Embrace (Poland): U Jam?


Fans of extreme metal got a pair of rare treats in 2002. That’s the year of two one-off releases in which an elder vocalist joined a band from the new generation. One of the resulting classics, Crowned In Terror, was created by The Crown in the short period when their singer was Tomas Lindberg. The screamer’s main band At The Gates was dunbar at that time, while The Crown was fresh from their first triumph — but minus a vocalist. And, long story short: It worked out. Crowned, a juggernaut, must’ve been a wake-up call for ex-bandmates on both sides.

Thus it was a one-off. Lindberg moved on and back to At The Gates, The Crown reunited with their original dude for their 2003 masterpiece Possessed 13. So it was a happy ending, unless for you it signaled the start of years of curiosity about a hypothetical second outing from the Lindberg-fronted Crown. Here in 2015, that curiosity will seem distant to you after one spin of The Grim Muse by In Twilight’s Embrace. Why? The month-old album resembles Crowned and its awesome vibe. You could fool fans with it — not least of all via its two jams that feature Lindberg guest vocals (!) — but the point is one step removed from that fact: It sounds like it was created by some of death metal’s very, very best. Thank about that for a sec then crank it up!!!!

The Grim Muse by In Twilight’s Embrace is out now via Arachnophobia. Get it here and here.

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