Video: Justin Bieber Fans React to Heavy Metal


Given his recent merch facelift and questionably-accurate tweet about Dark Funeral, Justin Bieber has come out to the world as a metalhead. And while many would cry ‘poser’ about this, one thing unites Sir Biebsalot and heavy metal: both have a loyal, rabid fanbase that comes out in droves whenever they’re called upon to support their idols.

But are the fans as knowledgable about metal as Justin? Have they too accepted metal into their dark hearts? When Biebs Stroganoff came through the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last week, we decided to find out. Myself and Gear Gods‘ Max Frank hung around out front and interviewed Bieber cultists to see just how metal they truly were. The results were interesting, to say the least.

Watch Bieber fans react to their first taste of metal culture below. Surprised we weren’t arrested? Me too.

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