Over 70 People Injured by Lightning at Germany’s Rock Am Ring Festival


On June 8th of last year, we reported on over 30 people being injured by lightning at Germany’s Rock Am Ring festival. Eight crew hands and 25 others were hurt by two separate strikes, though the festival ended without a hitch.

Now, almost a year to the day later, we’re saddened to report that this year’s Rock Am Ring festival was also hit by lightning. Around 8pm on Friday, a severe thunderstorm rolled in, and lightning hit the crowd. This time, the number of injuries is significantly higher, with 71 hurt and 15 hospitalized. Jeeesus.

Things were so bad that the local authorities in Mendig, Germany revoked the organizers’ license, and the remainder of the fest was cancelled outright:

This should tell the people behind Rock Am Ring a lot of things, specifically that their venue in Mendig and their chosen weekend to hold the fest aren’t a good match. When you literally have lightning striking twice in the same place, and you have over a dozen people sent to the hospital because of it, it’s a sign.

Last year, I made a crack about how God was “filing a noise complaint” with the festival, but with this happening a second time, there’s nothing to laugh at. Organize this shit better so people don’t get electrocuted by the rarest way in the world to die.

Anyway, watch the video below. We’ll let you know if this blows back on the fest organizers in any way.

[via Loudwire]

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