Carnifex’s New Song Will Take You “Six Feet Closer to Hell”


When Carnifex released a new song called “Drown Me in Blood” last month, I asked MetalSucks readers the following question: what is it that sets this band apart from the pack? What do they do better than all other bands in the deathcore scene? I’ve never really gotten it, and I legitimately wanted to know.

The MetalSucks readership has spoken, and I’m listening! Here are some of your answers:

Professor Spookypop: “Once I saw them live I really started to like them. Sometimes the lyrics get a little annoying, but everything else is spot on. They keep improving with each release which is more than I can say for other deathcore bands.”

Nintendodo: “Carnifex are one of the only deathcore bands I still listen to, along with the Acacia Strain, and I grew up with these bands just hitting the scene and getting big. Carnifex is one of the few that hasn’t gone the alternative/nu-nu-metal route.”

Matt Risnes: “I’m not overly familiar with Carnifex, but judging from this video and the last album they released, I would say people are into them because they write good songs, have bombastic production and seem to be fully dedicated to being a gnarly, horrorific metal band.”

Mayhem: “Basically the only band that mixes deathcore with some black metal correctly.”

Tom Kaduk: “They’re a great live band, that’s why.”

Lots of different reasons to like Carnifex from lots of different folks, but I feel like the biggest takeaways here are “great live band” and “good songs.” Good songs meaning, I’m assuming, ones that get stuck inside your head. And, ya know what? While I cannot attest to their live shows, I’ll hand it to Carnifex on the songs front: their latest track “Six Feet Closer to Hell” is catchy as fuck. The verses and breakdowns hit hard, and the chorus is catchy. And for the guy that said he likes the element of black metal they mix in, there’s some of that in this one, too.

Slow Death comes out on August 5th via Nuclear Blast and can be pre-ordered here.

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