Here’s Some Fan Footage of Cavalera Conspiracy Playing Roots In Its Entirety At Amnesia Rock Fest


In March, we reported that Max and Igor Cavalera were scheduled to play the Sepultura’s Roots in its entirety at the Amnesia Rock Fest in Canada, where the modern-day incarnation of Sepultura was also playing (which I suggested was kind of fucked up–you know, booking a band AND booking a band made up of former members of the first band who are playing an album by the first band in its entirety).

Anyway, Max and Igor performed the album this past Friday alongside their Cavalera Conspiracy bandmates Marc Rizzo and Johny Chow, which in turn makes me wonder why the festival listed the performance as ‘Max and Igor playing Roots’ and not ‘Cavalera Conspiracy playing Roots‘, given that this is the entirety of Cavalera Conspiracy. Seems like there’s some sort of band politics at play here, but I’m not exactly sure what those would be. Is it that by claiming its a different band playing Sepultura and not “Members of Sepultura playing Sepultura”, it’s somehow less legit? I’m unsure, but that’s my guess. Hopefully Godless won’t have a monumental bitch fit on the podcast over me writing that (or he’ll at least have the decency to invite me on this time).

You can watch fan-shot video of Cavalera Conspiracy performing “Roots Bloody Roots,” “Dictatorshit,” and “Rattamahatta” below. The band sounds killer, as is to be expected.


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