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Ozzy Attended an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting in Sweden


Alcoholics Anonymous has its issues–it’s super churchy in a lot of ways–but at the end of the day, if it helps someone get off the sauce, good. Better to be part of a cheesy semi-religious organization and not lose your house and family than turn down help and fuck your life up.

Ozzy Osbourne apparently agrees, as Aftonbladet reports that the metal god attended an AA meeting in Stockholm. This is, one assumes, to bolster Ozzy’s recently revitalized recovery in the wake of the controversy that nearly caused him to split from his wife Sharon, and, hopefully, strengthen his resolve as he prepares for a new solo tour.

Ozzy did assert that he’s sober following the news of his and Sharon’s recent split. It’d be easy to say that this is a refutation of that, but that ignores that addiction is a constant struggle, and some people go to AA all their lives. Dude might just need to unload a bit.

This isn’t Ozzy’s first AA meeting; Hell, it’s not even his first AA meeting in Stockholm. But it’s gotta be tough every time, especially when you’re not only famous and an addict, but a famous person who a lot of addicts hold as a role model for crazy rock star behavior. “Dude, we used to do shots of vodka while cranking No More Tears and recalling stories about your days touring with Crüe! Anyway, sorry, you were saying something about hitting rock bottom?”

Anyway, point is, good on Ozzy for keeping up his recovery. One day at a time, son.


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