Coroner Announces New Album for 2017, Fancy Boxset in Fall

  • Anso DF

It was 2011 when an awesome low-flying proggy thrash band reunited for their first shows since the early ’90s. Just like the band, it was drama-free and awesome; the original/only line-up came together and sounded perfect from the very first shows. The most significant change was a tiny one — each member discarded their stage name, which is fine. Even when the trio’s only drummer departed and stated his lack of interest in a future addition to their discography, it worked out anyway because his replacement is a great fit.

Yet a fan of the band Coroner would tell you that by 2016 that the chance of a complete creative return (like Carcass, Faith No More, Voivod) have decreased in likelihood. But on Tuesday night, that’s exactly what Coroner announced: a fancy record for Century Media (and Sony in Switzerland) probably produced by guitarist Tommy Vetterli and set for 2017. The first album since Grin in 1993. Fucking yes!!!!!!!!!

That’s all we know so far about the new album — I wonder if Edelmann will provide its lyrics like always — but while we’re excited, Coroner would like to interest us in a fancy, weirdly-titled box set that comes in two formats: 3 Blu-ray and 3LPs or 3 DVDs and 3 CDs. The announcement hints that the former version of Autopsy (?) comes with the autographs of its creators, the original line-up. Each version includes a documentary, live recordings, a best-of collection, and unreleased interviews, but it’s unclear how much of which and from when? One prediction that we can make is this gem will land on Autopsy‘s “best-of” disc(s). Crank it up!!

Coroner’s cool box set is out September 23 via Century Media. Pre-order presumably coming soon.

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