Ozzy’s Mistress Says They’d Been Seeing Each Other Since 2012, is Suing Kelly Osbourne Over Those Tweets


In May, we posted about some tweets Kelly Osbourne had posted about Michelle Pugh, the hairdresser who had an affair with her father and nearly broke up their marriage. In the tweets, Kelly basically called Pugh a cheap whore, shared Pugh’s phone number, and implied that Pugh had committed elder abuse.

Now Pugh has opened up about her experience, and is claiming that she and Ozzy had been seeing each other since 2012 and were taking part in some kind of fairy tale romance. Oh, also she’s suing his daughter for tweeting about her.

Pugh’s description of her extramarital affair with Ozzy makes it sound like a romance novel:

“People falling in love with each other and staying married to someone else and having romantic relationships: It’s an age old story. But for some reason here we are in 2016, and they are running this 1600s Scarlet Letter novel.”

Nah, come on. Maybe if Sharon had known about it, if she and Ozzy had an open relationship, that’d be one thing. Otherwise, it’s an age-old story about two pieces of shit (and don’t give me any, Well, Ozzy’s the married one, he’s responsible bullshit, if you know someone’s wife wouldn’t approve of your illicit relationship you’re causing harm).

Pugh then goes on to rail against Kelly for the tweets, claiming that she sent a cease and desist order to Kelly but that the tweet with her phone number on it didn’t come down for over a month.

“One of [the tweets] wrote, ‘You have no idea what she did.’ [She responded], ‘My father is almost 70, ever hear of elder abuse?’ I’m like, ‘elder abuse?’ We had a four year relationship.

“Not only have they stated their speculation, but they have come out and attacked me, berated me, and publicly shamed me on a global scale… Once it is on the Internet, it is out there for the whole world to see and it is always going to be there… The point is you cannot violate someone’s privacy like that.

“So many teens are being bullied online. Monica [Lewinsky] said, in the beginning, and it’s one of the things I am realizing is that this is not just about me and my relationship with Ozzy. It has turned into this whole other thing that has nothing to do with either one of us. It is about this media platform of public shaming… If I can help encourage one person to stand up to someone who is bullying them and say, ‘No this is not right,’ then I’m proud I came forward. And there is plenty strength in that.”

I mean, this is a mixed bag here. On the one hand, having your personal cell phone number posted online is a fucking shitshow, and I myself would want it taken down. On top of that, anyone who took the time to call Pugh via the number Osbourne provided to call her a slut or whatever can fuck right off.

At the same time, Pugh’s claims of shaming feel a little hollow. It’d be slut-shaming if Kelly called her a slut because she’s promiscuous and dresses however she wants. But this woman entered into an elicit affair with a married man behind his family’s back. That’s a very different thing all together. It feels like she’s only proud to stand up against bullying now that her secret love affair has been made public and she’s some form of minor celebrity.

Oh, also, what the fuck did Pugh expect? Has she never seen The Osbournes? Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of Sharon Osbourne, one of the scariest nutbars in the entertainment industry. Did she think, Well, if word gets out to Ozzy’s family, we’ll all sit down and have a talk? Come on.

[via Yahoo! News]

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