Here’s The Carcass/Ghoul Dance Off You’ve All Been Waiting For


Carcass’ tour with Crowbar and Ghoul finished this weekend in New Haven, CT, of all places. But while fans across throughout the tour were happy to get sweaty and blood-spattered, only the New Haven crowd walked away from their show knowing the answer to the great question: who’s a better dancer, Carcass’ Jeff Walker or Ghoul frontman Sean “Digestor” McGrath?

In celebration of the end of tour and McGrath’s birthday, Walker came out and challenged the fellow gorehound to a dance-off. The two frontmen proceeded to cut the rug as best they could (read: leap around like a couple of crash test dummies). The winner? You’ll have to decide for yourself after watching it below. If you ask me, it was somehow both a tie and a loss for both parties.

Watch the Ghoul/Carcass dance-off below. Now if only we could see the Tom Araya/Chuck Billy hot dog-eating contest…

[via Loudwire]

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