Post-Hardcore Band Husbandry Debuts New Track, “So Long, Capricornian Crone”


Brooklyn post-hardcore band Husbandry has released one of them-there movin’ pictures for their new single “So Long, Capricornian Crone.” It’s part of the lead up to their debut full-length Fera, which is out August 25th.

The track is bouncy — got my head bobbing up and down — and there are plenty of riffs here that dug their claws right into me. It’s a great blend of fantastic clean vocals paired with some really interesting chord progressions that feature just enough oomph to keep ’em feelin’ fresh. And I fucking love Carina Zachary’s voice; she nails her ranges perfectly, placing power behind each syllable and projecting her voice to the forefront.

The band said this about the track itself:

“So long, Capricornian Crone,” at it’s core, is about embracing uncertainty. It’s about taking a leap of faith, rather than clinging to what feels safe or familiar. There are often times when we forget the excitement that comes with letting yourself experience something new.

The accompanying flick certainly offers a lot to experience and ends up being a bizarre experiment in minimalism. Rather than elaborate set pieces it simply features a few images mirrored upon one another, while wave effects do their part in promoting the overall liquidity that the song’s progression so prominently places front-and-center. The use of color versus black and white adds an additional layer that lends to the video’s trippy vibe. End result? A music video for the discerning drug user. Grab some hallucinogenics and lose yourself in Zachary’s dulcet tones.

You can pre-order Fera here, and, as always, the vid is below for your viewing pleasure.

[via AfroPunk]

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