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Affiance’s Cover of Toto’s “Africa” Is The Soundtrack To A Watery Deuce



Affiance aren’t the first band to cover Toto’s “Africa”; they aren’t even the eighth band to do so. But we here at MetalSucks take pride in pointing out when someone has musically puked the bed, and Affiance have done just that, so here we are.

But what makes Affiance’s cover of “Africa” different than most? They recorded it IN Africa! Via New Noise:

“About a month before we left for our South Africa tour in 2014, Patrick and I were at a bar and Toto’s ‘Africa’ came on. I had joked that we should cover the song since we did a cover of ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe, thinking it was clever to keep the whole continent thing going [laughs]. But what if we actually recorded it in South Africa? The rest is history. We recorded and mostly wrote ‘Africa’ while in Africa at Audio Militia in Johannesburg. Well, if that wasn’t on my bucket list, it sure is now! This is a reminder of one of the most personally impacting and life changing tours/experiences to date.”

Oy. If you’re actually in South Africa, why not work with some of the awesome local musicians? A metal song featuring a verse by Jack Parrow would’ve been fucking great. Instead of covering, you know, the ultimate easy-listening jam by a group of dudes from LA.

Anyway, if you have a stomach bug and want to just really drive home how shitty life can be, listen to the song below.

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