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Destrage Composed a “Symphony of the Ego”

  • Axl Rosenberg

There are going to be an overwhelming number of metal albums worth listening to this fall. Keeping up is gonna be difficult. But do yourself a favor: make sure you don’t miss A Means to No End, the new album from Destrage. If “Symphony of the Ego,” the record’s debut single, is any indication, it’s gonna knock you on your ass.

How the crap does one decode this song? It has elements of mathcore, thrash, groove metal, djent, and alternative, all seamlessly rolled into one attractive package. Like, if I told you that Dimebag, Ben Weinman, and Cory Brandan all started a band together, you’d probably be unsurprised if it sounded just like this.

The track is also friggin’ catchy… the fat, phat riff in the post-chorus will get stuck in your head. Which you probably won’t mind — you’ll be having too much fun stomping around.

Check out “Symphony of the Ego” below! A Means to No End comes out October 21 on Metal Blade. Pre-order it here!!!

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